Cross Rigid Belt

Cross Rigid Belting:

Cross Rigid belts are engineered for applications that take a sharp upturn, with a heavy cleat and/or corrugated sidewall.

Cross Rigid belts are rigid across the belt (fill or weft direction) but remain flexible the length of the belt (warp direction) in order to wrap the pulleys.

Cross Rigid belts add monofilament cross members to the standard conveyor belt fabric to increase the cross belt rigidity.

The increased rigidity prevents the belt from bowing or sagging during operating tensions caused by changes in horizontal/vertical direction and when supported on the return run from the edge of the belt.

Cross Rigid belts resist the side-to-side flexing normally found in conventional conveyor belting, while maintaining the flexibility to allow normal movement around standard pulley diameters.


  • Able to handle transitions while maintaining cross width stability.
  • Able to take conveyor up a steeper incline when combined with cleats and sidewall.
  • More flexibility with conveyor design.

Common Uses

  • High incline conveyors.
  • Conveyors with transitions from horizontal to vertical.