Chemical Resistant Conveyor Belt


  • The rubber cover, which is made from chemical resistant materials, has fine anti-chemical corrosiveness and good physical property.
  • It is specially made for those materials which would dissolve expand or corrode the belt.
  • It is suitable for conveying material with chemical corrosiveness in the chemical factory, chemical fertilizer factory, cement, paper mill, mining industry etc.


  • Prevent from acid or alkali corrosion to conveyor belt.
  • Good bonding property, no layers separation.
  • The product selects cotton canvas, nylon canvas or EP canvas as the carcass.

Technical indexes

ITEM Tensile Strength/Mpa
Elongation at Break/%
Abrasion Loos/mm3
(°) +10 -5
Ozone Deterioration
Physical property Before aging 14 400 250 60 no cracks
After aging 12 340 65
Acid and alkali resistance Class Soak Liquid Density Soak conditions Change rate before and after soak
℃ x hour Swelling rate Change rate of tensile strenth
A1 HCl 18% 50℃ x 96h ≤+10% ≤-10%
A2 H2SO4 50% 50℃ x 96h ≤+10% ≤-10%
A3 NaOH 48% 50℃ x 96h ≤+10% ≤-10%