CFW Belt


Crows Foot Weave Rubber Conveyor Belt

Crows Foot Weave (CFW) Rubber Conveyor Belt gives outstanding resistance to rip & tear, it has 5 times the strength of conventional belts.It is manufactured with a unique EP (polyester nylon) carcass, which with 50% more threads (ends) in the warp, 40% heavier weft yarn, 20% more weft threads (picks) and over twice the strength in the weft. Generally,it is designed for arduous application.


Product Features:

  • Superior Rip & Tear Resistance
  • Low elongation
  • High strength
  • High adhesion
  • Good impact resistance

CFW Rubber Conveyor Belt can be produced in various cover grade.
But due to the the nature of applications where CFW Rubber Conveyor Belt is used, high grade covers are generally recommended.

Type Selection:

Fabric Type

  • CFW EP200
  • CFW EP250
  • CFW EP300
  • CFW EP350
  • CFW EP400
  • CFW EP450
  • CFW EP500
  • CFW EP550