Aramid Belt


Aramid Conveyor Belt Aramid Conveyor Belt is reinforced with Aramid fabric,which is as strong as steel. Normally, it is designed for long conveyors. The most important features of this conveyor belt has low elongation, light weight, and excellent resistance against heat and chemicals. Product Features: Low elongation Light weight High dynamic splice efficiency Tensile similar to steel cord High working temperature Superior flame resistance   Type Selection: Fabric Type APP800 APP1000 APP1250 APP1400 APP1600 APP1800 APP2000 APP2250 APP2500 APP3150

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IW Belt


IW Conveyor Belt IW conveyor belt is constructed from high quality woven steel cord fabric with steel cord in longitudinal and transversal direction fixed together in 1 ply as carcass. It can be used for universal application because it delivers trough ability with a high impact resistance. Product Features: IW is appreciated for the superior qualities it offers for resistance to tear, resistance to perforation in applications with strong impacts, and the effect of high temperature from burning materials. IW is utilized in special applications…

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Pipe Belt


Pipe Conveyor Belt Mainly be used to transportation of bulk solids in the Cement,Fertilizer, Coal, Powder,Steel,Pulp and paper,Food grains etc. Pipe conveyors overcome some problems commonly associated with conventional conveyors, e.g spillage of materials, belt training, limited angles conveyance, horizontal curves and multiple flights. Advantages Good solution for securing material over the long transfer. Minimizing dust pollution, and protect the environment Eliminate or reduce transfer points, which is a big cost saving. Inclined degree is larger which could reach 30 degree . Type: Fabric Steel…

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Filter Belt


Rubber Filter Belt Rubber filter belt, also called vacuum belt or carrier belt, is designed for solid-liquid separation. It is the critical part of rubber belt vacuum filter and vacuum belt stock washer. Our max width is 6800mm. Type Heat resistant filter belt Acid and alkali resistant filter belt Oil resistant filter belt Cold resistant filter belt Sidewall bond way Cold bonding: It’s easy to operate in local workshop, and convenient for transportation. Hot vulcanizing: Has longer lifetime, need be very careful in transportation. Filter…

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Cross Rigid Belt

Cross Rigid Belting: Cross Rigid belts are engineered for applications that take a sharp upturn, with a heavy cleat and/or corrugated sidewall. Cross Rigid belts are rigid across the belt (fill or weft direction) but remain flexible the length of the belt (warp direction) in order to wrap the pulleys. Cross Rigid belts add monofilament cross members to the standard conveyor belt fabric to increase the cross belt rigidity. The increased rigidity prevents the belt from bowing or sagging during operating tensions caused by changes…

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Elevator Belt


Application: Vertical transportation of bulk material,what is popular in building, mining, chemical, power station, light industry & grain Type: Heavy Duty Black belt-EP/ST : oil resistance, heat resistance,bare back FDA white conveyor belt Steel web belt Solid Woven PVC belt Bare back EP elevator belt   ST elevator belt drawing    

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Straight Warp Belt


Straight Warp Conveyor Belt (SW Belt) Unlike the conventional multi-plies Conveyor Belt, Straight Warp Conveyor Belt only has one or two plies , which is designed specifically for the toughest conveying applications where low-stretch, impact resistant, high strength belts with excellent load support are required.   Product Features: Impact Resistant Rip & Tear Resistant Low Stretch High Adhesion Excellent Load Support Outstanding Troughability Low Elongation Long roll length (400-500m) Type Selection: Fabric Type SW400 SW500 SW630 SW800 SW1000 SW1250  

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CFW Belt


Crows Foot Weave Rubber Conveyor Belt Crows Foot Weave (CFW) Rubber Conveyor Belt gives outstanding resistance to rip & tear, it has 5 times the strength of conventional belts.It is manufactured with a unique EP (polyester nylon) carcass, which with 50% more threads (ends) in the warp, 40% heavier weft yarn, 20% more weft threads (picks) and over twice the strength in the weft. Generally,it is designed for arduous application.   Product Features: Superior Rip & Tear Resistance Low elongation High strength High adhesion Good impact…

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Rough Top Conveyor Belt

Construction: 2 or 3 ply construction with cut edges and carcass of EP fabric. The surface texture resists the tendency for the material to roll back down the conveyor. The black top cover is recommended for utility type incline service while the tan cover is used for transporting packaged food products. Top cover is a full 1/8’’ thickness SBR and the black is protected by either a durable friction surface bottom or s synthetic bare back for slide bed application. Features: The top cover is…

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