Other Belt

Trapeziid Teeth Rubber Timing Belt   Arc Teeth Rubber Timing Belt   Double Timing Belt Main type:D-XL,D-L,D-H,D-T5,D-T10,D-T20,D-AT10,D-3M,D-5M,D-8M,D-S8M,D-14M DA-duplex synchronous belt tooth, a tooth with its two symmetrical arrangement. DB-duplex synchronous belt gear, with its two locations with staggered teeth were.   Thickening Belt We can provide timing belt with different extra back thickness as per customer’s request. The rubber color we can offer is :Black,White,Green,Blue,Yellow,Pink,Red and Any Color.   Extra Long Endless Belt Endless extra-long timing belts can be used in textile industry, light industry,…

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Automotive Belt

Auto V-Belt Has the feature of oil and heat resistant,aging-resistant,high power,small elongation and long life. Material:mainly CR.Include raw edge type,raw edge laminated type and raw edge cogged type. Main type: AV10, AV13, AV15, AV17, AV22   Auto Poly V-Belt Combines the advantages of vbelt and plain belt.Has the feature of oil and heat resistant,aging-resistant,non-slip,high efficiency,high power and long life. Material: CR belt and EPDM belt. Main type: PK,DPK   Auto Timing Belt Used on camshaft and injection pumps on automotive engines.Has the feature of oil…

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Industrial V belt

Classic V-Belt This belt is very commonly used for power transmission. We supply a wide range of types including heat resistance, oil resistance and flexible types. Application:General Engineering Industries & Agricultural Industries Main Type: FM, M, K, Z, A, B, C, D, E, 3L, 4L, 5L     Narrow V-Belt Narrow v-belt has double power transmission capacity of the Standard v-belts due to the effect of the wedge.It features high-speed transmission, and an energy-saving, compact design. Application:Narrow v-belt can be used on all the new…

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Nylon Core Transmmission Belt


I. Description: Using nylon core as tensile layer, the outer layer is abrasion -resistant rubber or leather, combining with high-strength polyamide fabric. The belt is high strength and low elongation,good in flexing, smooth in transmission, Shock-absorbing, high friction,oil resistance,anti-static, high efficiency in transferring. II. Code and Abbreviations: Code of material: F polyamide fabric. R Rubber L Leather N Nylon film Code of color: T natural/transparent G green W white B black GR grey R red BR brown P petrol BL blue O orange The tensile…

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Flat Transmission Belt


Construction: Flat transmission belt is a common flat rubber belt, also called transmission belt, usually uses high-quality cotton canvas as its skeleton layers. Characteristics: 1. The flat rubber belt has the characteristics of high strength, good flexibility and small elongation. 2. Innovative design, adopting advance rubber compound with good adhesion at opposite joint of surface fabric with fillet, delaminating will not occur during operation. 3. Adopting high quality pure cotton canvass, the duck plies have good endurance and will not easily deform. Application: It is…

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Lining Rubber


Wear Resistant Lining Rubber Description : Excellent wear resistant under wet slurry conditions, which is widely applied in worn and corrosive resistant fields such as mine, coal washery, chemical building materials, thermal power plant etc. Our wear resistant lining rubber is equal to Linatex quality, standard size is 9.26 meter long x 1.26 meter wide. Thickness range from 3mm~50mm. Technical data sheet    

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Rubber Sheet


Introduction With the widest product range in the market, StandardA can deliver rubber sheeting and rubber matting, quickly and reliably for all areas of use. Common applications include sealing, bearing parts and protection. Our extensive range of rubber matting products is suitable for most uses and is extraordinarily tough in all applications like public places as rooms, shops, restaurants, stairways, entrances, airports, buses etc. We can offer: Smooth on both sides. Smooth on one side + cloth impression on the other side. Cloth impression on both…

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Cow Mat


We offer comfort rubber mats for every application in the cow house, especially developed for and optimally adapted to the particular demands of dairy cows respectively young cattle. Products

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Conveyor Cover


Application: Conveyor Covers is well known as conveyor belt hood and used to protect transported material and conveyor belting, idlers and structure. which improve personnel safety; reduce loss of material to wind and stop grime and rain from damaging the idlers and belt. Conveyor Covers is mostly used in power plant, cement factory, iron and steel factory, chemical factory, coal, port, jetty, mining, etc.   Our company provides fixed- type, Part open-close type and whole open-close type. Available color is blue, grey, white, red or…

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Forging Part


Step Shaft, Forged Bar Application: Mainly used for Mine industry,Marine Industry, Electric Generation, Petrol Industry etc. Features: 1. Rough Machining or Finish Machining 2. Manufacture as per drawing, could be journaled to meet customer’s requirement 3. Qualified supplier,and handle customer’s need with consistent quality Material Ranges: ISO 42CRMO4, AISI 4140, AISI 4340, AISI 1045, DIN 42CRMO4, DIN 36CRNIMO4, NF 40NCD3, BS 708M40, SS14 2214, JIS SCM435, JIS SNCM439, GB 25#,GB 42CRMO4, GB 40CRNIMO etc. The material can be used as per customer’s requirement. Specification:  …

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